Let me introduce myself…

For my first blog I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Nancy Dunson.  I’m an on-location makeup artist based out of LaGrange GA.  Although the majority of my projects are in the Atlanta and Newnan Georgia area, I do have the ability to travel worldwide.

I’m always asked how I get started in makeup.  Long story short, I signed up for one of those direct sell companies to get the discount, and ONLY the discount.  Well, I got talked into helping with a wedding.  And where I did not like one little bit the selling of product or the “opportunity”, I fell in love with the art of it.  I loved the reaction I got when a bride or her mom looked in the mirror for the first time after I completed their makeup.  The smiles, the hugs, and sometimes the tears were all so overwhelming and made my heart so full.  It was then that I took a class with a makeup artist in Atlanta, set up my website and got my LLC.  Here I am, 8 years later still loving what I’m doing!

In 2014, I added airbrush to the mix.  So many brides love it and the longevity can’t be beat!

In April 2016, I became an affiliate for Hair Comes the Bride.  They provide the most beautiful bridal hair accessories.  Receive 20% off your order when you use my code at checkout; BEAUTIFULYOU.  www.haircomesthebride.com 

In April 2018, I became an affiliate for Sonia Roselli Beauty.  They have fabulous skin prep that I use for all my clients.  While there is no discount, the products are amazing!  So amazing that I pay full price myself.  Follow this link to see for yourself...  http://www.soniaroselli.com?rfsn=1260515.727241

In June 2018, I accepted the position of Beauty Editor for New York based magazine AYME Magazine and couldn’t have been more excited.

In January of 2019, I became an ambassador for Twinmedix and I can’t wait to share their products with you as well!  Follow this link for 30% off your order or use my code NancyDunsonMUA!   https://www.twinmedix.com/?ref=nancydunsonmua

Weddings have been where the majority of my work has been.  It’s allowed me to work with every skin tone under the sun and where I’ve met some of the most incredible people I now call my friends.  I’ve recently had the pleasure of stepping into the commercial and fashion side of things, and I’ve grown to adore editorial makeup.  I feel that’s where I can grow and stretch my creativity.

My husband has been an integral part of my growth.  Without him, I know I couldn’t have come this far.  Yes, he’s with the kids when I’m gone, but he has also gotten to the point now where he critiques my work.  I’m the impulsive, creative one and he’s the calculated, engineering mind; he keeps me grounded.

My biggest dream for all of this is to be an inspiration.  I want someone to say that because of me, they didn’t give up.  Oh, and to do Keira Knightley’s makeup…that would be the icing on the cake and the point I retire!!  Haha!

My favorite quote:

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”  Coco Chanel




7 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself…”

  1. Wow your journey into this industry sounds amazing. Isn’t there just something amazing about weddings?! Congratulations on your successes and I’m sure many more to come.

  2. Congratulations on your first blog post, I loved hearing about your journey to get here and can’t wait to here about your future beauty adventures.

  3. Loved reading about you! I thought your story of how you got started as a makeup artist was great. Isn’t it funny that the universe tricks us in that way? You thought you were getting a discount but you got a whole career!

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